Unlike the offical one and bunch of others out there, MyZuKo Online purely focuses on PvPvE, which means that grinding becomes priority for you to get stronger.All XP and drops are manually changed, totally different from both offical and other private server which makes our server so unique.



Grinding:Everything can be acquired through grind, we have added lots of different drops to different monster and kept old drops aswell including Brigands, also we have added Mystic Stone drops to those monsters aswell.Bosses drops good rewards so they are also worth killing.


Edited the old Wan (PK) Map and turned this map into End Game Grinding Area.From silvers to fortune caskets, from bones to spars everything is there for you to take.But be aware that you need at least a full party to be able to farm there safely.(Due to it's a PK area, other factions can and will try to take the spot you are grinding in.)


 NO PAY TO WIN !! (Item mall is a must for every server to sustain some income to pay the costs, however everything can be earned through the game and we are doing our best to make sure it stays that way.)


MyZuKo online offers you a new gameplay experience for those loyal Zu Online Fans who seek the old fun mmorpg you used to have and to feel the nostalgia.We are here to provide you both the feeling of nostalgia and fresh experience.